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Concrete Boom Pumping is a method of concrete pumping that uses a concrete pump which runs through a pipe or delivery line guided by a robotically controlled boom, or long pivotable arm. The boom is usually mounted on a truck which can get to places where standard concrete pumps and equipment cannot reach for concrete pumping and placement.

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Nov 15, 2009 · Sany Truck Mounted Boom Pumps TRUCK-MOUNTED CONCRETE PUMPSSafety, comfort and ergonomics are the attributes that best describe working with SANY truck-mounted concrete pumps. The extensive SANY product range extends from the flexible 30m class – to the large booms of the 60m class, all equipped with the latest technology and convincing with

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Oct 29, 2019 · A separate placing boom is also necessary to place the concrete precisely. Truck-mounted static pump: Truck mounted static pumps are mounted onto truck beds, so employees can drive them directly to job sites. These types of concrete pump trucks don't have placing booms, though, so they will require the use of separate placing hoses to get the

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50 cubic yards but goes with a bigger truck and boom for jobs with more yard a g e . Truck-mounted pumps with placing booms Using a truck-mounted concrete pump with placing boom, a pump operator can dri v e to the jobsite and be ready to pump soon after he arri ve s. Ve r y little bre a k o u t and setup time is needed. He can boom up and out,

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Boom The Putzmeister 36-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump pro-vides the lightest 4-section 117 ft boom on the road today. This reduction of weight saves fuel and makes the unit easier to move on and off job sites. Plus, this Putzmeister roll and fold boom features a short overall length of less than 37 ft (11m) for convenient road travel

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A boom pump usually stays in one place for the entire pour thanks to the long reach of the boom. This makes for fast, efficient concrete placements where, on most job-sites, the concrete is poured from one hose attached to the end of the boom, also called "dangle pumping".

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Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Boom Modeling by Virtual Prototyping Technology. The established 3D model of a truck mounted concrete pump boom is shown in Figure 3. The system is built up by 4 booms, several links, hydraulic actuators, joints, and other components. Boom system CAD model.

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55-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump Boom Attaining 180 ft heights, this impressive unit features a 4-section roll-and-fold boom made of high quality, fine-grained steel in a box-type design for enhanced stability. Delivery Line The boom is equipped with a 5 in induction hardened delivery line mounted in easy lift-out brackets for simple

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Stationary Pump: this type of concrete pump is attached to the back of a truck as a trailer and is transported to an appropriate proximity to the pour site so as to allow a pipeline to be attached and connected to a boom for precise concrete pouring. Truck Mounted Static Pump: in situations where tight spaces out of the range of the boom need

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In many cases, pouring concrete automatically instead of manually will lessen the operator's labor intensity and increase productivity dramatically. An automatic pouring system was schemed in this paper, as well as the planning of pouring trajectory. A simulation model was built based on virtual prototyping, and the impact of new automatic pouring system on the boom system was verified with

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A boom pump is a truck mounted concrete pump which uses a remote controlled articulating arm to place the concrete where required. A typical boom pump has 100' of reach from the front bumper of the truck, but boom pumps are available that can reach up to and beyond 170'.

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Haomei Machinery is an professional machinery products manufacturer-featuring a wide range of quality concrete pump, truck pump with boom, concrete batching plant, mobile concrete plant,etc.Concrete pump is on sale with a competitive price and we hope you will not miss the best chance.

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Sep 09, 2019 · The interest in truck-mounted concrete pumps continues to grow amid the push for ever-higher productivity gains on modern construction sites. Maybe you could call these the boom times.


CONCRETE PUMPING RISK ASSESSMENT - 2018 IMPORTANT NOTICE / HEALTH RISK WARNING ANY PERSON AT RISK MUST BE NOTIFIED OF THE DANGERS DETAILED BELOW BEFORE STARTING ANY CONCRETE PUMPING WORK The mobile truck mounted concrete pump is designed to convey concrete from the machine's delivery hopper to a point designated by the hirer.

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Business is Booming for Mobile Concrete Pumps - Equipment

Sep 09, 2019 · The interest in truck-mounted concrete pumps continues to grow amid the push for ever-higher productivity gains on modern construction sites. Maybe you could call these the boom times.

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A Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump With 4-Section Placing Boom. This open loop Generation 3 all-hydraulic concrete pump sets the standard for fuel-efficiency, reliability and performance. Twin circuit hydraulics combine with the longest stroking pumping cylinders in the industry for a smooth, continuous flow of concrete which also translates to

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II. THE TRUCK MOUNTED PUMP Concrete boom pumps are complex dynamic systems with a variable number of segments linked together by kinematic joints and moved by hydraulic actuators. In this way the end-activator, i.e. the boom tip housing the device for placing the concrete, may be very far from the pump or in very high place (Figure 1).

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The primary concern when utilizing a pump truck during a pumped concrete pour is safely positioning the truck where the boom can reach the concrete placement site. The key word here is "safely." Improperly positioned, a pump truck can cause death or serious injury, making a nightmare out of what may have appeared to be a standard, "every day" pour.